eLearning Information

September 5, 2019

Dear WCSC Parents and Students:

This year West Central will utilize eLearning days. It is an exciting opportunity to continue student learning during times of inclement weather. This is one more way we are living up to our mission statement to Encourage Every Student, Every Day - Engage, Empower, Educate.

To make future eLearning days a success, West Central students have a planned eLearning day on Wednesday, September 25, 2019. Teachers will prepare students for eLearning ahead of time and will be available to answer questions and provide assistance as if it were an actual eLearning day due to inclement weather. Additionally, WCSC staff will use the day to increase their knowledge through structured collaboration and professional development.

In the event of inclement weather in the future, West Central will utilize eLearning during the closed school day. West Central may also use our built-in make-up days if necessary to make up for missed school days.

Attached is an information sheet concerning eLearning at West Central School Corporation.

More specific information for each grade level or class will be provided by each teacher.

We appreciate your assistance!


Dan Zylstra                          Mike Carlson                        Scott Ritchie

Dan Zylstra                             Mike Carlson                          Scott Ritchie

Superintendent                        Elementary Principal               Middle-Senior High Principal

WCSC eLearning Days

What is eLearning?

eLearning is the use of technology to enable students to learn anytime and anywhere. West Central teachers will create standards-based lessons with resources available through students’ Google Classroom accounts.

Why have eLearning days?

There are many reasons:

  •      Students will have the opportunity to do relevant, practical work as make-up days prior to Indiana State testing in the spring.
  •      eLearning activities allow students the opportunity to gain practice logging in to their digital-learning platforms from a new environment so they can utilize resources from this location in the future.
  •      Having the technical and organizational skills necessary to do independent, online learning is essential for our students both now and in the future. According to a study completed in 2017, 33% of college students take at least one online course. Even face-to-face courses in college require work to be submitted electronically.
  •      Companies and corporations use eLearning for training purposes. Most companies require online applications for prospective employees. Doing things online is the way of the world.

What will eLearning look like for students?

There will not be a rigid schedule for students to follow. Students will be expected to complete required lessons and activities by the next school day and communicate appropriately with teachers.

What will teachers be doing?

Teachers will be available online and via phone for questions during the day (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM). If you email or call and leave a message, be patient, as teachers may be working with other students or collaborating with other teachers as part of professional development.

What if we do not have internet access at our home?

While assignments may require internet access, there are several options for families who lack access in their home:

  •      The required information may be downloaded in advance while at school for some assignments, allowing students to work offline at home.
  •      Parents may consider other options, such as taking their child to a family member’s or a friend’s residence with internet access. Public libraries and some other local businesses offer free access to the internet.
  •      Note: Students will not be penalized if they cannot get internet service, but they will be responsible for either doing alternative assignments or completing the work requiring during eLearning days.

How will attendance be taken?

Each school will have an attendance procedure to meet its unique needs. In general, students who make a good faith effort to complete the assigned work will be marked as attending. If a student does not follow the attendance procedure or make a good faith effort on the assigned work, the student may be marked as absent-unexcused for the day and may miss credit on the assigned work.

Can a student work, go on a college visit, compete in athletics, or something else previously scheduled on the eLearning day?

Students can organize his/her day in a manner that suits each individual, including pre-planned out-of-school activities. As long as they follow West Central’s eLearning procedures and complete the necessary assignments, students will be counted as present and receive full credit.