November 19 Cancelation

November 8, 2019

Dear Parents,

On November 19th educators and concerned citizens from across the state will attend a day-long rally at the Statehouse to advocate on behalf of Indiana students. Because of the number of West Central faculty attending the event, we do not feel we can offer a safe and meaningful educational experience for our students that day.

Thus, West Central Schools will be closing on Tuesday, November 19, 2019. This day off is not part of our original school calendar. Thus, we are hoping to provide you with sufficient notification to make childcare arrangements if needed. This school day will be made up on the scheduled snow make-up day of January 20, 2020.

Declining funding for education is one reason educators are taking this action. Adjusted for inflation, West Central receives $1,477 less in per-pupil funding than it did 8 years ago. Had state funding kept up with inflation, our district would have $1,085,595 more dollars to spend on our 735 students this year alone.

In addition to lost funding, legislation has also created numerous unfunded testing, teaching, and training mandates for schools, diminishing the focus and resources available for student learning. Educators are using this opportunity to advocate for change. More info can be found at

We apologize for the inconvenience this cancelation may cause, and hope for your understanding as we make this change to our calendar.


Dan Zylstra, Superintendent

West Central School Corporation