WCSC Registration Page

Thank you for your patience as we roll out our new Student Information System.

Follow the instructions below. You can come to a school to register, or do it from the comfort of your own home. If you are a first-time student at West Central, we ask that you come to the elementary school to enroll on July 29 & 30, and go to your child's respective school to enroll if you cannot make it on those dates.

1. Log in to Alma! If you had an email address on file with the school previously, you should have received an email instructing you how to log in. If not, please contact your child's school office for login assistance.

Log into Alma here for K-5 students

Log into Alma here for 6-8 students
Log into Alma here for 9-12 students

2. Review your and your child's demographic information by clicking on the link as shown.
And click your child's name to find out information about their teachers and class schedule.
First Registration Picture

3. If any of the contact information in our computer system is incorrect, please fill out the following form to indicate the changes neccessary.
Click here to change information for K-5 students
Click here to change information for 6-8 students
Click here to change information for 9-12 students

If your child has had a significant health event or life change over the summer, you will need to make an appointment to talk to the school's principal,  counselor, or nurse.

If you would like to make a schedule change, you will need to come in or make an appointment with your school counselor. 

4. Fees can be paid online through our Online Book Fee Payment site located along the side tab or via cash or check in person at the office. K-5 students will find this in their "Fees" tab in Alma. 6-12 students will need to contact the school and will be sent their fee via email. This feature is still being developed.

5. Review the information in the "Registration Links" side column and fill out what applies to you. There's a lot, but please read carefully to ensure you see everything.

6. Print, sign, and return the required Checklist & Signature Form to your child's school when you are finished for your child's student file. Once the school has this signed form, you are officially registered.

Thank you for working with us as we transition to a new Student Inforation System. This process is continually being refined and simplified.